[V6-12v] Gear oil, brake job

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Hello all,

Just my few humble cents but here are my experiences with changing the
transmission fluid in my 5 speed audi.

I changed it at around 140K miles.  At the time I posted questions to the
list and everyone responded saying to use Red Line synthetic manual
transmission oil which I did.  Draining and filling the transmission
required a 17mm allen which took a little work getting, sears didn't carry
it and I eventually had to order it from snap on.

I also used a small hand pump and tube to help get the oil up into the fill
hole.  The axel cover on the drivers side had to be removed to access the
fill hole but other than that it was pretty straight forward.

Here are the bad parts:  It is a VERY MESSY job, trying to pump oil up hill
into a small and not so well placed opening.  Expect to get dreanched and
dress appropriate, looking back on it I would have worn a face shield as I
now know what gear oil tastes like and its not good.  The main bad point,
after changing the oil I noticed a remarkable difference in the way the
transmission shifted and unfortunately it was not good.  The manual gear box
and clutch were much smoother BEFORE I changed the oil.  For several months
I was concerned changing the oil had damaged something as the difference was
remarkably bad.  Now some 60K miles later the transmission has gone back to
the way it was before the oil change, I guess the oil just had to get old.
If I had to do it all over again I don't think I would have changed it,
talking to the service rep at my local audi dealer he said he had similar
experiences with customers complaining about added noise after the change
but nothing wrong was found.  He said he wouldn't change it on his car
unless the transmission wasn't working smoothly.  Evidently the original
audi oil is synthetic and some pretty good stuff.

Hope this helps,

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Hi James,

You've probably read my second email by now and realize that my car does
indeed have a manual transmission. 

I conveniently forgot to mention that in the first email...


On Sun, 2004-03-21 at 13:18, James4ihl at aol.com wrote:
> Tom --
> Don't have any direct experience of Auto transmissions because I've
> always driven manuals. However, what you said rang a bell, as I was
> sure when looking through the workshop service manual for my 1992-1995
> Audi 80, I had noticed something about changing the ATF . Sure enough
> you are supposed to change it (>12.94 Gearbox No. 097, 01.95> gearbox
> no. 01N), although an interval is not stated (I'll check the interval
> in my car service schedule tomorrow). The tools listed in the service
> manual are:
> ATF fluid G 052 162 A (colour clear/yellow - do not use additives)
> Drip tray
> Oil extractor VAG 1358 A with oil suction probe VAG 1358A/1
> Fault reader VAG 1551
> ATF filling system VAG 1924 and protective goggles
> Of course, you can decide which ones of these special tools you can do
> with out...
> The procedures look fairly complex. If you decide to go ahead, let me
> know. I'll let you know what the required service interval is first,
> before you decide whether you need to do this...
> James
> In a message dated 21/3/04 2:17:38 am, tomchr at ee.washington.edu
> writes:
> > Folks,
> > 
> > Now that we're talking anyway...
> > 
> > In the manual for my 1994 90S it is stated that the transmission oil
> > should not be changed during the lifetime of the car. Do you guys
> > agree
> > with this philosophy? If not, which fluid/oil do you suggest instead
> > and
> > which benefits does it have to change the gear oil? Which tools are
> > needed?

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