[V6-12v] V-6 AC fix

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Mon Mar 22 19:44:07 EST 2004


How do you determine if you have a leak or if the system has "grenaded"?

Any tips on how to find a leak?


>There's nothing magic about it! The first thing I did on my '93 90Q was
>replace the AC system after it grenaded. I replaced the whole system and
>charge for about $500 (but I cheated and used a guaranteed/used compressor
>from Nick at autox.biz).
>One critical point: do you mean evaporator (the second radiator-like unit
>that mounts in front of the radiator) or accumulator/drier (a metal canister
>that mounts inside the engine compartment)????????????? The evaporator would
>be much more expensive.  I'm going to assume that it's the accumulator...so
>correct me if I'm wrong.
>If you only (A) have a leak, that's simple. If (B) your AC grenaded, that's
>more complex. by the way, buying any parts from a dealer is not usually a
>good idea from a cost standpoint. Most of them charge 150-200% of what the
>cost at NAPA or another parts store. Example: NAPA sells an accumulator for
>a 96 A4Q SOHC V-6 for $209.
>A: Go to any shop and have them completely vacuum out the system. Take the
>car home and replace the evaporator, making sure to replace both O-rings
>(inlet and outlet) which should come with the evaporator. DO NOT overtighten
>the fittings - they usually only take 15 foot-pounds or so. If not, buy some
>at a parts store and make sure they're for R-134a. Then take it to the
>dealer or any independent shop and have them re-charge and lubricate the
>system with PAG oil. The lube goes in with the refrigerant charge.
>B: Call an independent shop and make sure they agree to the process you will
>follow. Then go there and have them BOTH flush and then vacuum the system.
>Next, pull the compressor, evaporator and screen (aka: orifice valve) from
>the system and replace. Replace all O-rings as you go. Make sure that the
>replacement compressor has the correct amount of PAG oil pre-loaded in it,
>or make darn sure to note the fact that it does not!!!!!!  Then take it back
>to the shop and have them charge the system, including adding lube if
>needed. Note that I haev minimized the work of erplacing the components, but
>those three items are all that's needed.
>Hope this helps.
>Al Powell
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