[V6-12v] all quiet on the AUDI Front

James4ihl at aol.com James4ihl at aol.com
Fri Mar 26 05:48:13 EST 2004

Clive --

It's happened gradually over a long, long period. It's now got to the stage 
where it happens so often that I can't ignore it any longer!

Yeah, a day of swapping parts probably would cure it! But it may be a wiring 
problem, since it's sporadic...


In a message dated 25/3/04 1:42:09 am, cyoung1661 at rogers.com writes:

> James
> its too bad no one on the list lives close to you, about a day of swapping
> parts would have your problem fixed pdq. I have been wondering now about
> your ignition coils and stuff. A good bug. So when did it start ? was it
> gradual or sudden ?
> Clive

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