[V6-12v] Project Audi is on the Road ...

clive young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
Sun May 2 11:05:53 EDT 2004

well Finally got the car on the road . I can actually feel like one of the guys now ! kinda strange being on the list so long and never actually driven the car. 
Anyway as I have no frame of reference as to how things should be working I thought I would supply some data and you guys can tell me if everything appears okay. 

In top gear at about 120km /hr I was turning 3000 rpm
operating temp was just below 90 degrees ( about a needle thickness ) . At Cruising speed  the oil pressure guage at 5 bar the alternator at 14volts. I noticed when the gas guage gets into the red it dropped frighteningly fast . When I had the last red tick I put 63.5 litres in and it took me about one needle thickness above full.
I found the car very smooth shifting , not the fastest off the line but would really pull nice at high way speed good "roll on " accelleration . The car corners extremely well but is very harsh when I hit a pot hole .. or maybe a popsicle stick . Especailly the rear. Noticed the clock in the speedo wasn't lit up at night . is it suppose to ? 
Also noticed the external temp guage  giving false high readings after the car has sat for a while after running. ( taking false readings from heat of engine ) . After 10 minutes of driving ,things got back to normal.Not sure if this is normal either. 

Over all a thrilling ride  and  a lot more fun to drive than my loser cruiser  ( Caravan ) . Noticed a squeek in the steering when I turned that was really annoying . I tried greasing from thre inside to no avail.

Anyway so far so good ! 


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