[V6-12v] Project Audi is on the Road ...

George Tur getur at optonline.net
Sun May 2 20:56:45 EDT 2004

On Sunday 02 May 2004 11:09, clive young wrote:
> well Finally got the car on the road . I can actually feel like one of the
> guys now ! kinda strange being on the list so long and never actually
> driven the car. Anyway as I have no frame of reference as to how things
> should be working I thought I would supply some data and you guys can tell
> me if everything appears okay.

Congratulations. The next step with an Audi is to keep it running..:-)
> In top gear at about 120km /hr I was turning 3000 rpm
> operating temp was just below 90 degrees ( about a needle thickness ) . At
> Cruising speed  the oil pressure guage at 5 bar the alternator at 14volts.
> I noticed when the gas guage gets into the red it dropped frighteningly
> fast . When I had the last red tick I put 63.5 litres in and it took me
> about one needle thickness above full. I found the car very smooth shifting
> , not the fastest off the line but would really pull nice at high way speed
> good "roll on " accelleration . The car corners extremely well but is very
> harsh when I hit a pot hole .. or maybe a popsicle stick . Especailly the
> rear. Noticed the clock in the speedo wasn't lit up at night . is it
> suppose to ? Also noticed the external temp guage  giving false high
> readings after the car has sat for a while after running. ( taking false
> readings from heat of engine ) . After 10 minutes of driving ,things got
> back to normal.Not sure if this is normal either.

Oil pressure is correct if it's 5 bar when the car is running at speed. At 
idle, after the engine has reached operating temperature it should show at 
least 2 bar and then increase to 5 bar as the engine rpm goes up. 

The older Audis don't have the softest ride, but you might want to check your 
shocks, and bushings. 

The clock is supposed to light up. You have to pull the instrument cluster to 
get at the bulb. There are a couple of write ups in the mailing list that 
cover the instrument cluster removal. Replacement bulbs cost about $1 each 
from the dealer. 

Don't have the service manual available, but the outside temperature sensor 
should be located right in front of the radiator, and it can return a false 
high reading if the car has been run and is then restarted. It can get 
heatsoaked by the radiator. Check to make sure it's not to touching the 

Good luck

George Tur

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