[V6-12v] Fuel filter replacement (1994 90S FWD)

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Mon May 3 18:02:41 EDT 2004

At 07:13 AM 5/3/2004, Warren Bell wrote:
>Would anyone happen to know the size of those washers off the top of their 
>head? I've had a filter
>sitting in a box for a few months now because it didn't come with washers, 
>and laziness I guess . I'd
>like to get this on the car before other projects come up.

I replaced the filter without replacing the washers. I haven't noticed any 
leaks. Maybe I just got lucky...

Contact the stealership. They will most likely have the correct washers. 
They're probably 50 cents each, but getting the right washers the first 
time sure beats making the trip to the hardware store on foot...

I didn't measure the bolt diameter, but the hex head on the top one is 17 
mm, the bottom is 19 mm. Maybe that can be used to figure out the bolt 


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