[V6-12v] seizing caliper

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Tue May 4 01:23:12 EDT 2004


>Well I allready have my first problem. I have a seizing rear caliper. 
>intermittently I guess its getting stuck on as The wheel is getting super 
>hot and smoking. I have the car parked as I do not want to cook a wheel 
>bearing. Anyone know if a rebuild kit is available for our cars ? I have 
>searched the net and not come up with much

I forget if it was someone on this list or if it was someone on the Quattro 
list who mentioned that those calipers are near impossible to rebuild 
yourself. This person rebuilt brakes on airplanes for a living and seemed 
to know what he was talking about. He suggested getting rebuilt calipers 
from a shop rather than trying to rebuild them yourself.

Can't you make it un-seize by giving it a brake job? Exercising the piston 
may do the job... Could be the parking brake that's hanging.


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