[V6-12v] seizing caliper

Frank Chapchuk chapchuk at hotmail.com
Tue May 4 06:48:10 EDT 2004


It may not be the caliper at all, it may be the guide pins. I had this 
happen to me. My car sat for a while and the guide pins rusted into the 
carrier bracket. If thats the case you can buy a kit that has the guide 
pins, boot, and grease. I wasn't able to get the guide pins out of the 
carrier bracket so I needed to replace that also.....still much cheaper than 
the calper. Now I grease the guide pins once a year to prvent what happened.

If you find out it is the caliper, I purchased a rebuilt one from the local 
parts store (Auto Zone). About $60.

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Hi Guys

Well I allready have my first problem. I have a seizing rear caliper. 
intermittently I guess its getting stuck on as The wheel is getting super 
hot and smoking. I have the car parked as I do not want to cook a wheel 
bearing. Anyone know if a rebuild kit is available for our cars ? I have 
searched the net and not come up with much

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