[V6-12v] Seizing Caliper

clive young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
Tue May 4 09:12:19 EDT 2004

Hi Guys 

 A few good ideas there for sure.

Over the winter I had the seized pins so I redid them with brake lubricant . When this first happened after my first trip  I got the special tool and exercised the piston in and out as Tom had mentioned. Seemed smooth as silk, and the slider pins I did were still in great shape ..especially for having er....... 1 mile on them ! The e brake lever is not seized , but it does not return to the stop completely. This is the plan of attack I will try. Nathan sent me a good procedure for cleaning them up so I will give it a try. I really have nothing to lose since if it doesn't work I need a rebuild anyway. It will cost me about 100.00 Canadian for a rebuilt caliper with exchange. Not too bad I guess. Just a total Piss off since I just rebled the entire system with new expensive Audi brake fluid.... new I should have bought the cheap stuff ! 

As always I will keep everyone updated


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