[V6-12v] Oil Check Valves

Tom Gordon tom.gordon at mackbrooks.co.uk
Tue May 4 09:22:09 EDT 2004

In further pursuit of my (now-seemingly) lifelong obsession with my 80 2.6
(ABC)'s noisy lifters, I am finally replacing the oil check valves.

Using the proceedure from 12v.org, I have learned two things:

1) UK cars don't have half the ancillaries that the US cars obviously do (ie
not a MAF, EGR etc in sight - nice and easy!)

2) the valves that I got (078 103 175 D) look different to the ones that
I've pulled from the car.  The old ones have got 3104 stamped on the top and
have no "bullet" style valve at the other end (I can't make out the material
at the centre of the working end of the old ones, but whatever it is, it
doesn't move!).  Also, the old ones have 4 x 1/16th dia holes in the sides
instead of two 1/4 inch larger slots that the replacements have.

I just checked with my Audi dealer who, being about as useful as usual,
suggested that I just try them to see what happens.  Before I do fit them,
has anybody else come across these different types of valves, and is one a
direct replacement for the other?

Thanks for any help or info on this one!

Tom Gordon

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