[V6-12v] Throttle body gasket fix

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Wed May 5 19:04:49 EDT 2004


I surfed Nathan White's site yesterday and found a really useful tip on how 
to fix that pesky throttle body rubber doughnut gasket thing. Here's the link:

Essentially, you cut an 11 inch piece of RJ-11 cord (regular flat phone 
cord) and stuff it into the groove in the rubber doughnut. After this 5-10 
minute fix, the gasket seals correctly against the plenum and the car idles 
a lot smoother.

I think Nathan does it without removing the doughnut from the throttle 
body, but I went ahead and removed it. It makes the stuffing go a bit 
easier. I have done two things which have had an impact on the slightly 
rough idle: Changed fuel filter, and NW's doughnut stuffing trick. I think 
both gave about the same improvement on the idle.

While on the small jobs, I took the MAF sensor out and cleaned it. Some 
electrical contact cleaner took most of the black build-up off, a half hour 
in an ultrasonic bath with IPA (isopropyl alcohol) did the rest. Now I just 
need to reset the ECU and I'll be all set for a better running car with new 
and improved fuel economy (hopefully).


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