[V6-12v] Throttle body gasket fix

Eric Ragot eragot at earthlink.net
Wed May 5 20:35:10 EDT 2004

Pardon my ignorance,
but how do you pull the MAF to clean it? I did a quick check and it wasn't 
all that obvious to me.

At 08:20 PM 5/5/2004, Jon Spensko wrote:

>Subject: Re: [V6-12v] Throttle body gasket fix
> > On Wednesday 05 May 2004 19:04, George Tur wrote:
> > **********
> > I thought that the MAF sensor was supposed to be self cleaning? That is,
> > shutdown the system runs a high voltage through the wire bringing the
> > temperature up to 1000 degree centigrade to burn off contamination. I know
> > this true on my 91 V8 and I thought that all the later models did the same
> > thing.
>Take a look at this site, it explains why it needs to be cleaned!
>Jon Spensko ><))>
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