[V6-12v] Throttle body gasket fix

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Wed May 5 20:56:50 EDT 2004

At 05:36 PM 5/5/2004, Eric Ragot wrote:
>Pardon my ignorance,
>but how do you pull the MAF to clean it? I did a quick check and it wasn't 
>all that obvious to me.

1) Open the hood.
2) Locate the air filter box on the starboard side.
3) Locate the flexible hose between the airbox and the intake plenum. It's 
a 3-4" diameter hose it's pretty difficult to miss... ;-)
4) The MAF sensor is located on the aluminum "pipe/flange" thing between 
the airbox and the flexible hose. It's a black kinda rectangular gizmo 
about 1/4" thick and maybe 1.5"x2" or so with a 3-pin connector. It faces 
forward and toward the engine.
5) Undo the two screws holding the sensor onto the aluminum housing. On my 
car it was two philips/slot combo screws. On some cars I understand it's a 
T-25 with security dimple. Take the sensor out and wipe off the mating 

When you clean it, be really, really careful not to damage the two wires on 
the sensor. I understand the sensor is fairly spendy (even by Audi 
standards) so you really don't wanna break them wires...


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