[V6-12v] Throttle body gasket fix

Jim Griffin JGriff at JGriff.com
Wed May 5 21:49:23 EDT 2004

Is this the same thing? I did this on my car a while ago, and posted this 
web site for others to see.


Or is what you are describing something else? Do you have any pics to go 
along with the info?

Also, do you have info or procedures/pictures on how to take out the MAF 
and clean it, as you mention below?


At 07:04 PM 5/5/2004, Tom Christiansen wrote:
>I surfed Nathan White's site yesterday and found a really useful tip on 
>how to fix that pesky throttle body rubber doughnut gasket thing. Here's 
>the link:
>Essentially, you cut an 11 inch piece of RJ-11 cord (regular flat phone 
>cord) and stuff it into the groove in the rubber doughnut. After this 5-10 
>minute fix, the gasket seals correctly against the plenum and the car 
>idles a lot smoother.
>I think Nathan does it without removing the doughnut from the throttle 
>body, but I went ahead and removed it. It makes the stuffing go a bit 
>easier. I have done two things which have had an impact on the slightly 
>rough idle: Changed fuel filter, and NW's doughnut stuffing trick. I think 
>both gave about the same improvement on the idle.
>While on the small jobs, I took the MAF sensor out and cleaned it. Some 
>electrical contact cleaner took most of the black build-up off, a half 
>hour in an ultrasonic bath with IPA (isopropyl alcohol) did the rest. Now 
>I just need to reset the ECU and I'll be all set for a better running car 
>with new and improved fuel economy (hopefully).

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