[V6-12v] Throttle body gasket fix

George Tur getur at optonline.net
Thu May 6 02:19:00 EDT 2004

On Thursday 06 May 2004 01:01, Tom Christiansen wrote:
....snipped stuff.....
> Forgot the last part of your question. I guess if the sensor is
> self-cleaning there's less need to clean it. If the car has 100k+ miles on
> it, I would take the sensor out and inspect it. Clean if necessary. -
> Especially if you have trouble passing smog. If the car runs fine, don't
> mess with it. If it ain't broken don't fix it.
> I would, however, be surprised if Audi used self-cleaning sensors on one
> model but not on another. How do you know your sensor is self-cleaning?
The service training manual I have for the 1991 V8 describes the MAF as a self 
cleaning type. Plus the picture of it in the manual shows a cylindrical 
pickup like that shown for the Bosch self cleaning MAF. As to the wife's 1995 
A6 I'm not sure what type it is. The A6 has passed the emissions test without 
any problems, and runs smoothly, so it appears the MAF is working correctly. 
I'm going to check into what type of unit it has out of curiosity.


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