[V6-12v] Confirmed dead cat ... no nine lives !

Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
Thu May 6 23:40:08 EDT 2004

Hi Guys 

Well just got some confirmation tonight. All today that noisy cat was bothering me as I was driving around. Tonight I jacked it up and started banging underneath. I heard a strange rattle coming from the exhaust so whipped off...read busted off .... the two bolts fastening the muffler ( I think that is what it is ) to the pipe and took it out . Sure enough after about 30 seconds of shaking it out came to big hunks of catalytic converter substrate. I guess I was lucky really as it didn't plug up the exhaust. The cat sounds the same  and this is an aftermarket cat so it begs the question is this substrate from the original cat ? the aftermarket one that is making the noise .. or could it even be the other side. !
    I crawled back under for a closer inspection and my fears were confirmed. A crease on the bottom part of the cat right at the front . The PO obviously hit something and busted up the inside. Guess I am just living with the noise now !! 

P{S if anybody knows of a place that sells 5spd FWD  90 cats , please pass it along. All the sights I have checked have been for automatic only 

Clive Young 
95 90S FWD 5SPD

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