[V6-12v] Replacement Blaupunkt

Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
Sun May 9 13:20:26 EDT 2004


 I just put a Blaupunkt Munchen in the AUDI ( I bought it for my Porsche and pulled it when I sold the Porsche ) . It was a very easy project. It was totaly plug compatible with a couple of minor exceptions. 

The 12 constant power and 12v ignition power were reversed. I couldn't figure out how to "pop the pins" so I built a small adapter. 

The audi uses "line out" for driving the rear speakers on the GAMMA so I configured it the same way for my Blaupunkt. 

The markings on the GAmma were a little confusing but here they are 

Ub is battery power
S-kont is switched power ( ignition ) 
The picture of the switch and small "A" is antenna switch
The picture of the Sun is the dash illumination. 

The rest are pretty straight forward. 


Clive Young 
95 90S FWD 5SPD

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