[V6-12v] Air filter recommendation

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Wed May 12 20:21:58 EDT 2004


I popped open the airbox only to find that the air filter doesn't really 
seal against the bottom half of the box. The rubber seal/liner is warped a 
bit out of shape. It's not unlikely that the top half of the box will make 
it seal, but I figured it might be worthwhile to change the filter...

Which filter would you guys recommend for a 1994 Audi 90S?

I'm not looking to change out the airbox, install cone filters, and what 
people otherwise spend their time doing to get 0.001 HP more. I'm just 
looking for a decent air filter that will seal against the box and filter 
the crud out of the air before it gets sucked into the intake manifold.


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