[V6-12v] Air filter recommendation

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Thu May 13 02:18:02 EDT 2004


That's an interesting, down-to-earth site. I think I'll check with the 
stealership (or The Parts Connection) for the price on an Audi filter. If 
it's insanely expensive, I'll probably go with a Mann filter - although, I 
could have sworn that's what I got from Napa the last time I changed the 
filter. Still it fits a bit sloppy in the box...


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>Have you seen this?
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>I popped open the airbox only to find that the air filter doesn't really
>seal against the bottom half of the box. The rubber seal/liner is warped
>bit out of shape. It's not unlikely that the top half of the box will
>it seal, but I figured it might be worthwhile to change the filter...
>Which filter would you guys recommend for a 1994 Audi 90S?
>I'm not looking to change out the airbox, install cone filters, and what
>people otherwise spend their time doing to get 0.001 HP more. I'm just
>looking for a decent air filter that will seal against the box and
>the crud out of the air before it gets sucked into the intake manifold.
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