[V6-12v] Friday - the day of whacky stories...

Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
Fri May 14 17:01:57 EDT 2004

Okay so I had a burned out light bulb behind the AC control  ( i have the manual 3 knob style.) It was bugging me to no end as you guys have probably figured about me and light bubs...any how..

Can not for the life of me figure out how to get in to replace the light bulb. I figure I will take the stereo out, as i know how that comes out, and there may be a hiden retaining screw. Disconnect the radio I just put in a week ago and sure enough as i am pulling it out  the rubber support piece at the back to support the radio falls off. Down into the centre console it goes..great .
So I fully disconnect the radio and put it aside. Still no visible screws. CAnt see or reach the rubber piece either. I decide to pull the knobs off the AC unit as it all has to come out now. Of course behind the knobs are the two screws I should have taken out in the first place ! doh! The AC panel comes off.. burned bulb - replaced. at the bottom are two more screws holding a black trim piece , removed. Centre console still not moving. I have to remove the rear cosole piece first. Take the 13mil bolt off the rear section under the paded storage cup , under a trap door to to boot ! . Then I have to take a bolt out of the front area under a trap door by the gear shifter. Trying to get the centre rear piece out of the way to get the front out is a treat. I disconect the rear ash tray bulb wiring harness before I bust it off, disconnect the lighter and BANG .. or should I say ZAP.. I got so carried away I forgot about the battery. Radio now dead... My $1000 Blau ! ...crap ! ..oh remember this started as an anoying light bulb !! 
    I figure I am in it up to my ears now and must press on . 
    Can't get the rear centre section out of the way without removing driver seat armrest, removed. Cant get the centre section over the P brake so I force it anyway . Now I can get the front centre section out fairly easily after removing the shift knob, disconnect the guages and pop it out. There is my little rubber friend sitting on top of the air bag module. Since it seams I have the entire interior out of the car I decide to give everything a good clean. Many years of coffee spills previously unaccessable lift away . I also replaced the 3 lights behind the guages since this is the ONLY way to get to them it seams. They are the orange ones if anyone is interested , but in my usual cheap skate manner I soldered new 14v 80 ma  bulbs into the holders. This would be a great time to put in a short shift kit .... IF I had only ordered it !!! 
    I decided to put the radio back in first as I can get in there easier now and wouldn't you know it the Blau is shorter than the gamma and the rubber piece doesn't reach the holder in the car ! .. it was never using it anyway grrrrrrrr!!  The rubber piece goes on a screwed in standoff . So I just unscrewed the standoff , put some washers it to make it longer and screwed it back in .. I HAD TO make it work now . 
 I put everything back together after cleaning and treating the interior with mothers preservative. Fortunately I only blew the 15 amp fuse and my radio worked just fine. 

    So for those of you who think this stuff only hapens to you I raise my glass to you !!!!.

Have a great weekend guys ! 


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