[V6-12v] Auto check display

Lt.Kubosh Lt.Kubosh at atlas.cz
Sun May 16 18:36:03 EDT 2004

My problem with Auto check display went back.
I have changed the connector to the display with the computer one (gold
coated pins) ($1) and changed the stabilisator on the dash. The original
T220 is for $10 and it is probably impossible to buy it. It is 10Volts
0.2amp stabilisator. So the 7810 - 10Volts 1Amp stabilisator does the
perfect job for $0.2. It just has mirrored pins!
No more dim display!
Finally - my friend (electronic GURU) told me, he is sure, the problem was
caused by the stabilisator, but in 12year old car I don't trust the
connector too.

Eliot - I'll send you the updated procedure and pictures.

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