[V6-12v] SS brake lines

Al Powell apowell at gocougs.wsu.edu
Sun May 16 19:22:23 EDT 2004

There is definitely a difference in the feel of stainless brake lines as
compared to OEM but old ones.

Last summer I replaced the brake lines on my 280ZX with stainless brake
lines. The feel in brake pedal was immediate and noticeable. The pedal
engaged immediately, and there was a perceptibly firmer feel and less "give"
when pushing down. The pedal felt hard when I stepped down on it, definitely
firmer than before. This change would probably be felt on other vehicles as
Al Powell
apowell at gocougs.wsu.edu
1958 Fiat 1200 Transformabile Spyder
1983 Datsun 280ZX Turbo
1993 Audi 90Q
1997 Chebby Blazer
1999 Chebby Blazer

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