Fw: [V6-12v] Steering noise

Tom Gordon tom.gordon at mackbrooks.co.uk
Tue May 18 04:01:26 EDT 2004

Lino, I also have the same: turning right at about three-quarters lock at
low speed and I always get a grouching/groaning noise - very specific to the
amount of lock that I put on though.  I haven't had the chance to explore
the cause any further, but in my mind I had put it down to a cv joint.

Interestingly, however, over the weekend I have also just started to detect
the beginnings of a rumbling wheel bearing at speed too, so maybe it's
connected with that too.

Any suggestions greatfully received...

Tom Gordon
1995 80 Avant 2.6
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> Have any of you gentlemen experienced loud groaning from the front end
> suspension when turning right or left at very low speeds like backing out
> a driveway?
> It sounds like the front struts top bearings have bought the farm.  Any
> BTDT's?  How difficult is it to drop the front struts and replace the
> bearings?
> Any feed back would be welcome.
> Lino
> 93 90sq
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