[V6-12v] Steering noise

Lt Kubosh Lt.Kubosh at atlas.cz
Tue May 18 04:46:27 EDT 2004

Hi Limo,
this sounds like the "CV joint" farewell. If you hear something like "Click, click" (loud) in the low speed and hard turning. That's almost everytime it. 
It is not good idea to let it be, because while it break you'll be no more to drive till exchanged...
The bearing makes noise all the time.
New CV Joint is about $150 non original. Repair is easy to medium with proper tools. Just one pain is to get down the old CV Joint (it is locked on the axle by "C" spring. So one soft hammer punch over wood will "click" it down. 
It took me about 2 hours. 


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>Predmet: Re: [V6-12v] Steering noise
>Have any of you gentlemen experienced loud groaning from the front end
>suspension when turning right or left at very low speeds like backing out of
>a driveway?
>It sounds like the front struts top bearings have bought the farm.  Any
>BTDT's?  How difficult is it to drop the front struts and replace the
>Any feed back would be welcome.
>93 90sq
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