[V6-12v] Audi Commercial

Nathan Widmyer touring_fan at msn.com
Sun May 23 00:46:01 EDT 2004

Does anyone have the old Audi commercial called Jump?  The song "Jump 
(For My Love)" plays during the commercial, if that is helpful.  I used 
to have it but got lost due to hard drive data corruption and I can't 
find any copy through googling.  I'll keep going but I'm sure I would 
have found it by now.  This is probably one of the few worthwhile times 
that P2P software can legally help someone like me.

The track car displayed after they unrolled the shutter doors always 
gave me the goosebumps, as does the next scene where the camera pans 
across the bottom of the right side of the car as it's rolled by hand 
and you see 4 in. (I think) exhaust tube fitted into the right front 
door.  I wish I had money to take a reasonable car, race prep it, fit 
that type of body onto it and then race it.  Maybe after I have the 
expensive task of building a family in a house first.

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