[V6-12v] '95 90 qs Wheel in VG+ for sale, make offer.

DanZ danz1745 at comcast.net
Sat Nov 13 14:27:32 EST 2004

I have a VG+ condition wheel from a '95 90 with a good condition Bridgestone 
SP5000 on it. The wheel was a take-off from a new car, but may have some 
very minor wear from handling. You may have a problem with this wheel 
looking much better than what you have on your car now!
This was my spare from my old '95 90. I destroyed two tires at one time when 
some scrap fell off the back of a truck in front of me, this tire is one of 
the good ones that survived. It has held pressure for 5 years and has never 
been on my car. No signs of damage whatsoever. You must take the wheel and 
the tire, I'm not too keen on going over to Pep Boys and paying them to 
remove the tire.

Pix upon request.
Located in 18951, SE PA
Make an offer.
Best offer in the next week gets it.


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1993 Audi 90S - 88k miles - For Sale in San Francisco Bay Area (Dublin, 
California) - parts all whole - car has been sitting in garage for almost 3 
years - partially disassembled to repair leaking head gasket on one cylinder 
bank.  I never got around to finishing the job (mostly because my interest 
vanished after I bought a brandnew A6 and VW).  Obviously, car has to be 
towed (flatbed).

Call 925-829-6775 or reply via e-mail to jkot3 at comcast.net.
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