[V6-12v] Euro headlights

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Thu Nov 25 07:17:23 EST 2004

We have just had European headlights (H-4 bulbs) installed in our '94 100 
Avant.  The headlight low beams trigger the "headlamp out" signal on the 
Autocheck system.  I know that there have been posts about this on this and 
other lists, and wonder if anyone remembers what the "fix" is for this 

Interesting enough, high beams do not register on the Auto check system, and 
the ikon goes out when high beams are selected.  I have not checked with the 
mechanic yet concerning whether or not he relayed both high and low beams 
separately, as that might make a difference.

I have European headlights in my V8 and had them in my 200 Quattro Avant 
(1989), and the Autocheck system didn't go haywire with them, so it is 
something with this particular installation, or something unique to this 
later body style's Autocheck system.

Any ideas?


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