[V6-12v] Euro headlights

The CyberPoet thecyberpoet at cyberpoet.net
Thu Nov 25 07:24:11 EST 2004

There are two issues with the headlights that come to mind.

The first is the bulb out warning -- the system checks the resistance 
on the circuit on each side and compares them; if they are more than a 
certain amount off of each other, it assumes the bulb is out. Using 
identical bulbs from the same manufacturer usually rectifies this.

The second issue is a relay-related issue on the driving lights (i.e. - 
fog lights) and switching from lowbeam to highbeam or visa-versa, where 
the driving lights fail to turn on or off. I don't remember the exact 
fix, but it had to do with adding a ground circuit somewhere in the 
system. I'd check the V8/quattro list archeives to find it.

=-= Marc Glasgow

On Thursday, November 25, 2004, at 07:17  AM, Roger M. Woodbury wrote:

> We have just had European headlights (H-4 bulbs) installed in our '94 
> 100 Avant.  The headlight low beams trigger the "headlamp out" signal 
> on the Autocheck system.  I know that there have been posts about this 
> on this and other lists, and wonder if anyone remembers what the "fix" 
> is for this problem?
> Interesting enough, high beams do not register on the Auto check 
> system, and the ikon goes out when high beams are selected.  I have 
> not checked with the mechanic yet concerning whether or not he relayed 
> both high and low beams separately, as that might make a difference.
> I have European headlights in my V8 and had them in my 200 Quattro 
> Avant (1989), and the Autocheck system didn't go haywire with them, so 
> it is something with this particular installation, or something unique 
> to this later body style's Autocheck system.
> Any ideas?
> Roger
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