[V6-12v] Oil leak under intake manifold

James Whitehouse jamescarstuff at aol.com
Sat Nov 27 15:37:20 EST 2004

Hi Jon --

You need to have a careful look around the valve cover, and head gasket
lines with a torch for the latter. Any leaks on the inside V of these would
tend to pool under the intake manifold. The other possibility is that there
is actually a pan valley cover which has a gasket, that sits right
underneath the intake manifold. If you don't see any leaks on the other
gaskets, that would be your most likely culprit. If it's this one, or the
head gasket, you need to strip off the intake manifold anyway, and it's good
practice to replace all the gaskets you disturb, of which there are quite a
few when you undertake that job. Best get back to the list when you've
decided exactly where the leak is coming from.


On 27/11/04 7:18 pm, "Jon Hohlfeld" <jonhohlf at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello to all,
> I have been experiencing an oil leak for a while in my 94 90 quattro, I have
> been noticing burnt oil smell when I stop at stop lights. I was checking into
> it today and it appears there is oil pooled under the intake manifold, and
> that it is running down the back of the engine and onto the exhaust.
> My question would be for someone who has experienced this, what gaskets should
> I have on hand when I dive into it, and what would be the best source for
> those gaskets? I don't want the car to be out of commission too long, as it is
> usually the car my wife drives and the one with the car seat in it.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated. I always do all my own work, but I have
> never been into that area of the 12V V6 yet.
> Jon,
> jonhohlf at yahoo.com
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