[V6-12v] Rear Brake Caliper rebuild

Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
Sat Oct 2 08:31:24 EDT 2004

I am having the rear Caliper rebuilt on my Audi 90. It came off no problem but when I took it in the guys said he  needs the actuating lever to set it up right. THat is no problem but the mechanical stop ( which goes betwen the actuating lever and the caliper ) is atatched to the parking brake cable. Does anyone know if this comes off ? if so how ? I see some type of spring clp there but I just can't see how it works it is so rusted. Do I need to take the whole parking brake cable off for that side of the car ? 
    It just doesn't make sense.I f anyone has replaced this cable maybe they can tel me how it is done  !
Thanks guys 

Clive Young 
95 90S FWD 5SPD

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