[V6-12v] question about the infiniti G35x

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Mon Oct 11 16:37:11 EDT 2004

Quick answer the Quattro that is used on A4 and up uses a torsen for a 
center diff. Torsen stands for tork-sensing.  Meaning that the power is 
sent to the wheels that are harder to spin. 

This is the best system (imho) because the wheels with traction 
immediatly (real time) get the power, as opposed to any other cloutch 
system where the system has to sence that a particular wheel slips a1/2 
or a 1/4 turn and then the power is diverted. 

Also the feel of a car with a torsen is more uniform.

I drove a Subaru, that has a cloutch system, and it felt more like a 
front wheel drive car, untill there was significantly slippery.

On the other hand my 1993 90 Quattro and 2001 A4 Quattro both have a 
much more neutral feel, and you can easily feel that when cornering hard.

Here is some more info:

PS: I also heard that the triptonic gear box that Audi uses is a lot 
more responsive in manual mode than the gearbox that acura uses.

my 2c

robert weinberg wrote:

>hi all,
>my brother is looking to buy a g35x. he's also looking
>at an audi A4 3.0 quattro. we just checked out the
>acura TL. basically a really nice accord. so, probably
>a pass.
>he lives in newport RI, so he'd like awd if possible.
>sick of stick, so he wants an auto as well.
>my question is what type of ATTESA E-TS all wheel
>drive system does it come with? the early versions on
>skylines didn't have the active LSD. i'm guessing
>nissan wouldn't put the PRO system in a car at this
>pricerange. so, i'm assuming the G35x has an open
>differential at the front and rear?
>also, how would you guys compare the ATTESA to
>Quattro? i know quattro is full time awd, but a
>technical insight would be greatly appreciated.
>see ya,
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