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Nathan Widmyer lighthousej at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 20:48:54 EDT 2004

I still use 93 because it's good for the engine, plus it can be
economical in the end.  A friend of mine with an 87 octane engine did
an experiment and compared 87 and 93 octane gas.  He found out he gets
better gas mileage with 93 octane than 87 octane which seems
agreeable.  He calculated that the mileage is so much better that the
cost per mile of gasoline is lower when using 93 octane than 87
octane.  So due to the mileage, it was actually cheaper to use 93
octane gas than 87.

Keep in mind he wasn't using the same type of engine and the gas
prices have changed since then.  I tried a 50-50 mix of 89 and 93 (to
make 91, what the manual specifies) and it was okay but 93 just drives
so much nicer that it's worth the couple bucks to me.

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 20:39:01 -0400, Craig D. Niederst
<cdniederst at comcast.net> wrote:
> With gas prices on the rise, I was just wondering what grade of fuel everyone was running in their 12V's. I know the manual specifies 91 or 92 octane, and I've always run 93 octane ("high test" in western PA) religiously in my '92 100S. Anyone running anything lower? Decreased mpg and performance?
> Craig
> '92 100S (115k)
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