[V6-12v] Skew Auxiliary Belt Tension Pulley ( 12v v6)

Johan Voges johan.voges at somchem.co.za
Wed Oct 20 10:24:21 EDT 2004

  Good Day Gentlemen

  Is it normal for the Auxiliary Belt Tension Pulley to go out of alignment.

  It is causing the belt to run against the tension bracket.

  Here in South Africa the agents charges R1500 ($250) for it and says
pulley and bracket is a unit.

  Can just the pulley bearing be fixed.

  Thank You very much for a excellent forum. Words cannot discribe.


  Johan Voges

  1994 Audi 500SEL ( 100 V6 )
  1989 Audi Turbo  ( 200 )
  1987 Audi 400    ( 200 with 1800 Golf engine )

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