[V6-12v] Skew Auxiliary Belt Tension Pulley ( 12v v6)

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Wed Oct 20 15:08:11 EDT 2004


I don't know if it is normal for it to go out of alignment, but I seem to 
recall some giant allen head bolt holding the roller onto the tensioner. 
However, I bet the tensioner with bracket is one unit - or at least a kit. 
Ran a quick search on google and found thepartsbin.com which has the unit 
for $220.


At 07:18 AM 10/20/2004, Johan Voges wrote:

>   Good Day Gentlemen
>   Is it normal for the Auxiliary Belt Tension Pulley to go out of alignment.
>   It is causing the belt to run against the tension bracket.
>   Here in South Africa the agents charges R1500 ($250) for it and says
>pulley and bracket is a unit.
>   Can just the pulley bearing be fixed.
>   Thank You very much for a excellent forum. Words cannot discribe.
>   Regards
>   Johan Voges
>   1994 Audi 500SEL ( 100 V6 )
>   1989 Audi Turbo  ( 200 )
>   1987 Audi 400    ( 200 with 1800 Golf engine )
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