[V6-12v] Instrument Panel

Nate White natwhite at mnsi.net
Sat Oct 30 12:08:34 EDT 2004

Yah, first remove the top steering column covers, via two screws on the 
bottom. This will expose two screws on the bottom of the instrument 
cluster, remove and pull cluster out a bit. You will need to unplug all 
wiring at this point.


James Whitehouse wrote:

>Hi All --
>Does anyone know whether you can remove the instrument panel on a 1992 Audi
>80 without removing the whole dashboard? My manuals don¹t cover fittings and
>trim and I can¹t see an over-obvious way to do it. It¹s simply to get at the
>instrument panel bulbs which are typically failing one by one at this car¹s
>age and cure the ubiquitous dodgy connection to those lights again at this
>car¹s age!
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