[V6-12v] Any thoughts on this...

James Whitehouse jamescarstuff at aol.com
Sun Oct 31 06:12:05 EST 2004

Hi All --

Just wondered if anyone has any thoughts on this situation.

My cousin is selling his V6 2.6 Coupe (1996). I¹ve driven it. Seems to drive
well and be pretty well maintained all round (full Audi SH and all that).
It¹s done 180,000 miles.

Here¹s the rub, mine¹s a V6 2.8 Saloon (1992). Mine drives nicely too. The
engine bay is cleaner (less corrosion on some of the components despite
being older). Mine has FASH until 2 years before I bought it (and it¹s been
well looked after since then). It¹s done 120,000 miles.

So mine¹s done less miles, but it four years older. How does that work out
in terms of car wear and so on?! Does the age add as much as the miles, or
what? I¹m wondering why I¹m even tempted... Well I know a few reasons. I
like the Coupe shape better, and it seems to handle a little firmer (stiffer
rear end and slightly shorter wheel base). The interior is nicer, newer
style trim, sports seats (leather), driver¹s airbag, etc. It has one
catalytic converter, not two like mine, which makes that a lot less of a
worry in terms of finance to replace when it/they go. His has the later
engine management, which in theory should be more efficient. Although mine
should be more powerful, in driving, the difference seems minimal (I can
tell a difference, but it¹s not chalk and cheese, you know?).

Thing is, I¹m not flush with cash right now, and I¹d probably have to add a
bit to the price mine would fetch ­ I¹d always said if I traded in it¹d be
for a Quattro... But...

Am I nuts here, or what?

Any thoughts appreciated,

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