[V6-12v] Any thoughts on this...

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Sun Oct 31 09:04:55 EST 2004

James Whitehouse wrote:
> My cousin is selling his V6 2.6 Coupe (1996). I¹ve driven it. Seems to drive
> well and be pretty well maintained all round (full Audi SH and all that).
> It¹s done 180,000 miles.
> Here¹s the rub, mine¹s a V6 2.8 Saloon (1992)... It¹s done 120,000 miles.

Here's my 2 cents:  why is your cousin selling?  If his car is
due for major maintenance (at 180K miles, maybe the timing belt),
it may not be such a deal. Your car is a known quantity.  You
could probably fix it's problems for less than trading up to
your cousin's car.

On the other hand, your heart is set on a coupe.  Sometimes you
just have to follow your heart.  Just be prepared to pay for it.

'94 100 S Avant
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