[V6-12v] Trouble with 10-Year-Old Trunk(Boot) Lid Lock

Jamescarstuff at aol.com Jamescarstuff at aol.com
Thu Sep 2 15:21:47 EDT 2004

Don't know whether you've already done this job because I haven't checked 
mail for a few days. However, you should be able to do either - reuse the old 
tumbler, or reprogram the new one. I reprogrammed one when I replaced an old 
tumbler for new. Now this was on the generation before your car and it was the 
driver's door, not the boot (trunk) lock, which is admittedly slightly different. 
However, if you examine either tumbler (whichever one you don't want to 
remain programmed, you should find that it's essentially a series of differently 
numbered slots. All you would do, if it's the same as my old lock was, is make 
sure that the numbers are in the same order in the new tumbler. It's my 
understanding that they all come with the same set of numbers, it's just how they're 
ordered that makes them specific to your key (there are still quite a few 
combinations!). You do this literally by pulling them out (without the tumbler in 
place this isn't hard as they usually just fall out without the key in) and 
putting them in order. You can check this and adjust with the key in because 
when you insert the key, it should pull all the slots in flush with the tumbler, 
allowing it to turn.

Sorry if that's not applicable to the lock you're looking at, or if you've 
already completed the repair...

In a message dated 2/9/04 4:03:23 am, rafege at mail.com writes:

> Tom Christiansen <tomchr at ee.washington.edu> wrote:
> ...lines deleted...
> !>It seems to me, also, that when I pull the tumbler out of the new
> !>replacement, I should be able to simply re-insert the original
> !>tumbler in its place.
> !
> !I would think it's possible to reprogram the new lock cylinder to
> !accommodate the old key. But I don't know for sure.
> !
> !According to Bentley you are supposedly able to remove the lock cylinder
> !with the key inserted.
> !
> !1) Insert key.
> !2) Remove circlip on the back side of the lock assy.
> !3) Remove latch foot, pivoting spring, and coupling piece (the three parts
> !held in place by the circlip).
> !4) Assembly is reverse of removal.
> !
> !At least that should make it possible to exchange the new cylinder for the
> !old one.
> Thanks for that info.
> The system on which I have my Bentley e-manual installed
> is off-line for a while, and I don't have access to its
> (the manual's, that is) wisdom.
> I'm OK with the circlip, latch foot & coupling piece;
> it's the the "pivoting spring" that I suspect will be the
> trouble re-assemblying, since it lives under the latch foot,
> and isn't visible during assembly.
> Does the Bentley e-manual offer a diagram for any of this
> (i.e., giving relative positions and/or placements).
> If so, it may be useful for me to pull my old office Sun Blade
> back together for a quick Bentley session.
> Regards -- Gary
> --
> Gary E. RAFE, Ph.D.    <mailto:rafege at mail.com>

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