[V6-12v] Trouble with 10-Year-Old Trunk(Boot) Lid Lock

Gary E. RAFE, Ph.D. rafege at mail.com
Thu Sep 2 19:20:13 EDT 2004

!However, if you examine either tumbler (whichever one you don't want to 
!remain programmed, you should find that it's essentially a series of differently 
!numbered slots. All you would do, if it's the same as my old lock was, is make 
!sure that the numbers are in the same order in the new tumbler. It's my 
!understanding that they all come with the same set of numbers, it's just how they're 
!ordered that makes them specific to your key (there are still quite a few 
!combinations!). You do this literally by pulling them out (without the tumbler in 
!place this isn't hard as they usually just fall out without the key in) and 
!putting them in order. You can check this and adjust with the key in because 
!when you insert the key, it should pull all the slots in flush with the tumbler, 
!allowing it to turn.

As it turns out (no pun intended),
that's just how the trunk/boot lid lock on our '95 90Q is configured.

I couldn't find coding numbers on some of the tumbler "shims" on either
but the the shims from the original tumbler fit right into the
new one, and vice versa.
Thus, I can't comment on the notion that these Audi lock tumblers have
the same set of shims, albeit in different orders.

As for the pivoting spring, careful observation of how the spring
sits on the coupling piece when the latch foot is removed at the start
of the unassembly process solved this problem.

Many thanks for the great hints.
Gary E. RAFE, Ph.D.	<mailto:rafege at mail.com>

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