[V6-12v] HELP! Front Wheel Bearing Problem

Edward Sluis emsluis at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 4 18:56:34 EDT 2004

Help Please!!

Heres a quick run down of the problem thus far.
About a month ago I started getting a squeeking sound as I drove, it sounded 
just like I needed new brakes.  So a couple days ago I finally got around to 
picking up some pads and got to work replacing the brakes.  To my surprise, 
the pads had pleanty of material left.  I wasn't sure what to do so I just 
cleaned off all the rotors and pads with brake cleaner and put the wheels 
back on.

As I was putting the front passanger side wheel on I noticed something odd.  
The car was up on stands and I tightened the lug nuts down as much as 
possible before the wheel spun but the wheel still seamed loose.  I grasped 
it at the top and bottom and found that I could easily rock it in and out 
about 1/2 inch at the top of the wheel, the same travel was found when I 
tried rocking it side to side.  It looked like the lug nuts were loose, so I 
lowered the car and torqued the lug nuts down I then jacked it back up and 
the wobble was still there.

I checked the drivers side wheel and that was solid, not play at all.  But 
the passanger side just seems to wobble around in the hub.  I looked at the 
hub and bearing area for about an hour and I could not figure out how that 
all comes apart.  The only bolt I can see is the one holding the half shaft 
in the hub.

Does anyone have any experiance with a problem like this?  I have stopped 
driving the car since it seems like the wheel is about to fall off.  Any 
advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Ed.
1992 Audi 100CS (not a quatro)

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