[V6-12v] More on V6 Head Bolt re-torque

Chris Thorp thorp at spacia.org
Sun Sep 12 22:27:59 EDT 2004

apowell at colocougs.org wrote:

>(despite my concern voiced in #1) and they do NOT want to budge. I'm EXTREMELY reluctant to put a
Head bolts get sticky.  To get them loose, you'll really have to lean on 
a breaker bar, but once they go, they'll "pop" loose, so be careful to 
not bang into something.  On another note, you can never be certain that 
this procedure hasn't been done before.  If you're committed to this 
procedure, I'd buy a new set of bolts because breaking a headbolt is so 
much more pain than the cost of a set is worth.

My 2 cents,

'95 A6qm

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