[V6-12v] Low Idle + Oil Light = Fix two problems in one?

Elliott Potter mailinglist at eep.burdell.org
Wed Sep 22 14:19:20 EDT 2004

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004, Nathan Widmyer wrote:

> As a potentially related problem which happened before the idling
> problem was the oil light.  The light flashes regularly from a cold
> start until the car is reasonably warmed up.  I'm thinking that since
> the oil gets thinner as it warms up, that something restricting flow
> when the oil is thick and cold but dissipates as it thins out.  I
> talked to my dad and he said we might change the Oil Pressure Sender
> (sensor) which an online place quoted $19.

If your oil light is coming on, be quick about changing the sensor
because it's also possible that your oil pump is shot.  Usually if
that's the case, you'll get a few days warning before it dies totally.

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