[V6-12v] Driver side door window - cable or regulator?

Craig D. Niederst cdniederst at comcast.net
Wed Sep 29 00:02:23 EDT 2004

BTDT last summer on my '92 100S. Wound up replacing the entire unit, not 
just the cable. Its not too bad a job. Basically remove inner door panel, 
disconnect window from regulator unit (held on by a clip), remove a couple 
of bolts, unplug the unit, and pull out. Took me maybe an hour to complete. 
Manuevering the regulator unit in an out of the doorframe was the most 
difficult part of the job. Now my driver side window opens / closes about 
twice as fast as the others in the car. I think I bought my regulator 
assembly from Blau for ~$120 last year. HTH.

'92 100S (115k)

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> About a week ago, the driver side window on my '92 100S stopped working, 
> after I heard a crunch after opening it all the way.
> Tonight, I managed to take the door panel off, and found that the cable 
> had snapped.
> Can just the cable be replaced... or do I have to buy the whole window 
> regulator?
> Has anyone done this job? Easy? Difficult? Any tips/suggestions or 
> cautions that I should know about?
> Thanks.
> Jim
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