[V6-12v] Driver side door window - cable or regulator?

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	Another place is http://zzmotors.com mailto://Help@zzmotors.com Pete
has always been good to me, though I haven't talked to him in quite a while.
Good Luck!

'96 Audi A4 2.8 FronTrac (V6-12v)

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Agreed... soldering the cables won't work. And given the location and room
to work, it would be more difficult than just replacing the part. Not worth
the hassle, and not worth taking the chance that it will break again.

Craig mentioned Blau for buying the regulator assembly... anyone have any
other parts supplier recommendations? (I had a bad experience with Blau, so
I'm thinking I'd like to consider other options first... maybe even an Audi
dealer with the Audi Club discount before I buy from Blau.)


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