[V6-12v] Driving lights

hrddoughty at aol.com hrddoughty at aol.com
Sun Apr 3 10:48:53 EDT 2005

When I was a Senior in law school many years ago I purchased a brand new '64 Corvette coupe. (Does that tell you the year?) 300 HP, very fast. It had the retractable 4 headlight set up, 2 low beam and 2 high. A friend suggested mounting an aircraft landing light in place of the outboard high. You had to bend the prongs to make it fit, but fit it did. I aimed it so it wouldn't blind other drivers. The  only way you could tell it was "different" was that it had a flat face. I think (41 years hence) it was 150 W. It lit up the world. When it burned out I went back to the local airdrome and purchased another. Problem was I didn't check the wattage. When I lit it up people thought a towboat was coming. Now that was Bright! A 250 watter is what it was. Caused my lights to flicker all the time. Out it went.
H. R. Doughty
LeClaire, IA
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