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 As I know, here in Europe is some R12 "earth friendly" replacement. No cleaning necessary. Just vacuum the R12 and fill with the replacement. 
Mr. Google told me this:

Anyone have any info/experience with the new R-12 replacement from Pennzoil? It's called FR-12 and is supposed to be a direct replacement for R12. -=Steve=-
and this 


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>"Frank Chapchuk" <chapchuk at hotmail.com>
>After 13 years, the AC on my '92 100 isn't as cold as it used to be. The
>system still runs on R12. Does anyone know what must be done to convert to
>Yes. You can try to use the existing compressor, but chances are it will leak like crazy due to the
>smaller molecular size of R134A. As long as it still works with R12, your smartest move is to
>re-charge with R12.
>Otherwise, in order:
>1) Go to an AC shop and have the whole system vacuumed out thoroughly to clean it up.
>2) Remove the drier (accumulator) and replace it. It has R12 lubricant in it and that lube cannot be
>used with an R134A system.
>3) If you're brave, replace all O-rings with R134 A type. If you do this, you should probably also
>replace the orifice valve (small conical screen) in the system just so it's clean.
>4) Go back to AC shop and have them charge it up with R134A and the correct lube.
>Cooling will be about 1/3 less efficient than the original system, and you will probably get less
>than one season between complete re-charges due to leakage.
>The best fix is to replace the compressor as well, but it's an expensive part and a lot of work to
>get at. You will still have some leakage.
>R12 is the smart place to stay as long as the system works. It's much cheaper than the conversion.
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