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Are you sure that all the gear indicators (PRD321) weren't illuminated? If
they were, and you were unable to get out of 2nd, your tranny is in "limp"
mode. The "limp" mode shows there is a fault code being stored in the TCM.
My '92 100S will do this from time to time (5-6 times a year or so), usually
when it's warmer out. VAG-COM found code 00652, something to do with "gear
monitoring signal outside specifications - intermittent." Generally,
shutting the car off and restarting fixes it for me. My car does it
infrequently enough though to ignore it for now. HTH.

'92 100S (117k)

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All I can relate is that there are issues with some Audi automatic
transmissions.  It is the major failing of the early A8's and another fellow
here at work with maybe a 99 A4 had his transmission fail altogether.

>From what I know all you can do to "perhaps" cure your ills is to change
tranny fluid AND the filter inside.  Here's the procedure for an a8 which I
would guess it similar to the A6.

Unfortunately, failing this to effect a cure, the transmission may be toast
or close to toast. 

Good luck.


Bill m

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