[V6-12v] O2 sensors and stuff

Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
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I have the oxygen sensors sitting in front of me , I was going to wait to
put them in until I get new cats . I got universal so I have to do some wire
splicing. A bit of a pain so I have been putting it off. I have an o2 wrench
but not sure if I can get it in their. 
	My car actually spits and coughs ( especially when cold ) through
the exhaust when decelerating and I have actually taken chunks of cat out of
my muffler. I am not sure if the bad cats are causing the poping or wether
the popping caused the bad cats ! I think the new cats may solve this
problem so if anyone has any experience please " pipe up " :-).

This EGR bolt thing seams a bit of a pain are you sure about 13/16ths ? that
seams HUGE ! what exactly are you taking off with this thing !!! 


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> I asked what the effects of a vacuum leak and he said if it 
> leaks under hi vacuum there is not much chance it can hold refridgerant
> 250psi !

Makes perfect sense. Afterall atmospheric pressure is only about 14.7 psi,
so even if you had a really good vacuum pump (which you don't), you'd never
exceed 14.7 psi. An excellent mechanical vacuum pump typically bottoms out
at 10 mTorr or so (1 Torr = 1 mmHg; 1 ATM = 760 mmHg = 14.7 psi).

> On my external temp gage it read 29.0 , we had a little humidity but not
> much at idle on the centre vents ( actually the left most vent of the
> vents as it blows harder for some reason ) I had 45 F at idle with my
> probe and 39F while driving .  I'll let you know if it holds the cold.

Cool!! It seems like the compressor works more efficiently once the engine
RPM exceeds 2000 or so. Makes sense...

> I figure it is a good oportunity to change the 
> valley pan gasket , but of course I am worried about what else i will
> while I am in there. it looks like a real nightmare around the EGR valve

It's really not that bad. I've been through the EGR trouble myself. Have a
look at Nathan White's write-up:
He suggests using a 7/8" flare nut wrench on the EGR nut. There was no way I
could get my (bought for the purpose) flare nut wrench on there. I ended up
taking a file to a 13/16" crowsfoot and making it fit. I think I ended up
with a 22mm crows foot by doing that. Make sure to use plenty of penetrating
oil on that sucker. If you use a crowsfoot you don't have to go through the
trouble of removing the battery.

BTW; did you do your O2 sensors? If so, how did you get at the one on the
driver's side?


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