[V6-12v] 95 A6 Avant 10 disc CD changer install help needed.

George Tur getur at optonline.net
Tue Dec 6 19:27:23 EST 2005

On Tuesday 06 December 2005 06:14 pm, Rob wrote:
> Bought the wife a 96 A6 Avant from Force 5 (thanks Chris!) and also picked
> up the 10 disc changer for the car.  Bought the correct disc magzine for
> this player (XA-10B) and just tried hooking up the changer tonight.  I dont
> have the users guide for this CD player so I'm not sure of any of the
> controls, but nothing is working when I have it hooked up.  I get TR 01 CD
> 00 displayed in the instrument cluster, whatever that means.
> The cassette wont eject, and it wont load any cd's to play.  Talked to
> Chris and he said sometimes you have to reset something in the head unit to
> get it to recognize the CD changer?  Anyone got any quick troubleshooting
> tips to help me figure out if its just a configuration problem or if its
> actually a bad changer?
I'm not familiar with the cd players in the 95 and later audi models, but from 
the display message you're getting I would say that the cd player is trying 
to read track 01 on cd 00. I don't think that cd 00 is a valid identifier so 
the message might mean something else, but it is pretty close to the format 
the earlier Audi cd players display when playing from a particular cd and 
track. Are you sure that the cds are loaded correctly, meaning that the cds 
are facing in the direction that the laser head can read them? Try manually 
ejecting the magazine, reload the cds facing in the other direction and try 
again. If the cd player still doesn't play then according to an earlier cd 
manual I have the problem is with the cd player and the solution is to get 
another. If you can't get the unit to manually eject the magazine then I 
would say that the cd player is definitely toast. There should be a manual 
eject function on the cd player.  Did Semple test the unit before selling it 
to you? If not return it to Semple and get a refund. 

Hope this helps in some way.

George Tur
91 V8 with an older model cd player 

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