[V6-12v] 95 A6 Avant 10 disc CD changer install help needed.

Mike LaRosa mrmotoguzzi00 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 7 08:26:49 EST 2005

Rob,  where are you located ?  I have a 93 100csqa
with a 10 disc  cd changer as well.. mine works.  I
would be okay with swapping the cd 
changer to see what the issue is...

I'm in so nh,


--- George Tur <getur at optonline.net> wrote:

> On Tuesday 06 December 2005 06:14 pm, Rob wrote:
> > Bought the wife a 96 A6 Avant from Force 5 (thanks
> Chris!) and also picked
> > up the 10 disc changer for the car.  Bought the
> correct disc magzine for
> > this player (XA-10B) and just tried hooking up the
> changer tonight.  I dont
> > have the users guide for this CD player so I'm not
> sure of any of the
> > controls, but nothing is working when I have it
> hooked up.  I get TR 01 CD
> > 00 displayed in the instrument cluster, whatever
> that means.
> >
> > The cassette wont eject, and it wont load any cd's
> to play.  Talked to
> > Chris and he said sometimes you have to reset
> something in the head unit to
> > get it to recognize the CD changer?  Anyone got
> any quick troubleshooting
> > tips to help me figure out if its just a
> configuration problem or if its
> > actually a bad changer?
> >
> ***************
> I'm not familiar with the cd players in the 95 and
> later audi models, but from 
> the display message you're getting I would say that
> the cd player is trying 
> to read track 01 on cd 00. I don't think that cd 00
> is a valid identifier so 
> the message might mean something else, but it is
> pretty close to the format 
> the earlier Audi cd players display when playing
> from a particular cd and 
> track. Are you sure that the cds are loaded
> correctly, meaning that the cds 
> are facing in the direction that the laser head can
> read them? Try manually 
> ejecting the magazine, reload the cds facing in the
> other direction and try 
> again. If the cd player still doesn't play then
> according to an earlier cd 
> manual I have the problem is with the cd player and
> the solution is to get 
> another. If you can't get the unit to manually eject
> the magazine then I 
> would say that the cd player is definitely toast.
> There should be a manual 
> eject function on the cd player.  Did Semple test
> the unit before selling it 
> to you? If not return it to Semple and get a refund.
> Hope this helps in some way.
> George Tur
> 91 V8 with an older model cd player 
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